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"Tony is incredibly gifted as a photographer. He is able to engage his subjects while shooting them to capture their personalities and true beauty. He's also a master with lighting. And women of 'a certain age' certainly appreciate that!" WENDI RUSSO, Mrs. Minnesota United States 2010

"You'll get the best pictures you've ever had with Tony. His creative eye, easygoing style and professional technique is a winning combination. My modeling agency loves them." TIA NELSON, Actress & Professional Model

"Tony makes a photo session fun! He has an amazing personality, and can make you feel relaxed, so you can just have a good time. Out of 109 pictures he took, not one was a bad shot. He has a natural gift when working with a camera." NASTASSIA SMITH, Personal Trainer

"Tony has such a gift. His knowledge of photography, combined with his light-hearted presence, bring out the best possible shots. Working with him is a treat!" FATIMA COCCI, Professional Model

"Tony is a true professional and extremely easy to work with. He keeps you engaged throughout the photo shoot with his own great stories and makes you feel completely comfortable. And of course, my photos turned out brilliant!" RYAN JOHNSON, Professional Model

"I was thrilled with my photos and Tony was a joy to work with! His energy and direction make it easy. Anyone that is new to modeling, or not familiar with being in front of the camera should work with Tony." EMILY ZINNIEL, Actress & Professional Model

"Shooting with Tony is something to look forward to. Most importantly...he has the lighting down, which is critical to any successful session. His fun personality and positive vibe create a comfort level very early in the shoot which nets many more shots to select from. I have worked with many photographers over the last 30 years and this was one of my most successful and fun sessions ever." BRIAN KESSLER, Actor and Television Host

"Working with Tony was a joy. I had such a wonderful experience. Tony has such a confidence and charisma about him that you know you are in great hands from the onset. After taking almost 100 shots, I was stunned to realize I liked nearly every one. It was so hard to choose the ones to go with because everything turned out so great! Tony also makes the whole process fun, so you can count on being entertained in the process, making the whole experience more than you could hope for!" JOVYEL ZIEGLER, Pilates Instructor