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Hello, I'm a professional photographer and videographer from London, England. I graduated from Ealing College of Art & Design and began my career in the advertising business. My photography ranges from portraits to yachts and everything in between. I love working creatively with my clients and capturing the essence of my subject, whether it's people, products or places. 

Of course, showcasing brands in their most attractive light is always the goal. Whether a shot calls for drama or subtlety, the key is always lighting and framing. My photographs have been featured in numerous publications, from The New York Times to Maxim Magazine.

I'm also a documentary filmmaker and have worked as a director and as a Director of Photography. My work has been broadcast on PBS and screened at numerous film festivals worldwide. To date, I've lived in the U.S. for 27 years and have worked out of studios in San Francisco, Nashville, Minneapolis and, currently, Los Angeles.